VBI Mission​

Vietnam Bible Institute exists to edify the Vietnamese Churches of Christ and enrich evangelism in local Churches. VBI produces effective evangelists, servant leaders, teachers, and preachers for Vietnam mission field.

What VBI Does

To realize the mission and vision, three ministries are implemented.

Sowing - VBI Press

We spread the Gospel of Christ with Mass-Communication.

We use any possible ways to save the souls and edify the saved. Using books, flyer, tracts, podcasts, YouTube, websites, social networks...

Watering - VBI Discipleship

We follow up with personal evangelism and edification.

  • Follow up planted churches to nourish and train local servant leaders in the mission field.
  • Encourage local members to be faithful through seminars.
  • Enhance local evangelism.

Growing - VBI Education

We equip churches for ministry through Christian ministry training school.

  • Provide general Bible studies.
  • Provide informal and formal training programs for ministers, leaders, preachers, and teachers.

VBI Vision

VBI envisions that churches of Christ all over Vietnam will be effectively living out the story of God and His mission to their community as a result of our efforts to educate and nourish godly servant leaders in the knowledge of Christ for ministering to local church and community.​


108 Đồng Trai, Định Hiệp, Dầu Tiếng, Bình Dương, Việt Nam



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